Student*in für Programmier- und Testaufgaben gesucht

Verstärkung gesucht für unseren Standort in Berlin Friedrichshain


Meet fibrisTerre at the EAGE/DGG workshop in Potsdam

Meet fibrisTerre at the
EAGE/DGG Workshop on Fibre Optics Technology in Geophysics
31 March 2017, Potsdam, Germany


Looking forward to ICSIC 2016

The International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction will be held from 27 to 29 June.



Latest product news

The fibrisTerre development team presents the latest improvements in the technology of distributed fiber-optic strain and temperature measurements:

Enhanced spatial resolution of 20 cm now available

The fTB 2505, fibrisTerre’s distributed fiber-optic sensing system, is now shipping with an enhanced spatial resolution, exceeding 20 cm for measurement lengths of up to 1000 m fiber.
This ultimate resolution enhancement allows for even more accurate, detailed and reliable strain and temperature reading in industrial monitoring applications.

Unique 3D-View of Brillouin data

fTView, the software interface for configuring, performing and managing distributed monitoring tasks, now features a 3-dimensional view of the measured Brillouin gain spectra – the physical data that lies beneath a distributed strain or temperature scan.

The user can easily zoom into and rotate the descriptive graphical representation of the measurement. No expert knowledge is needed to evaluate the quality of the measurement, find and analyze spots of interest and experience an unprecedented degree of detail when working with distributed Brillouin sensing.

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