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Meet fibrisTerre at the EAGE/DGG workshop in Potsdam

Meet fibrisTerre at the
EAGE/DGG Workshop on Fibre Optics Technology in Geophysics
31 March 2017, Potsdam, Germany


Looking forward to ICSIC 2016

The International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction will be held from 27 to 29 June.

Introducing the fTB 2505 system

Imagine being able to detect integrity problems of your structure much before any costly failures and imagine being able to constantly monitor a large amount of sensitive locations using just one system. fibrisTerre’s fTB 2505 system is designed to do exactly that.

Designed with the state of the art Brillouin Optical Frequency Domain Analysis (BOFDA) technology, the fTB 2505 monitoring system is capable of performing continuous strain and temperature measurements with industry leading data quality. The technology has a wide range of industry applications:

  • Pipeline leakage and settlement monitoring
  • Slope stability monitoring
  • Fatigue monitoring of river embankments and tailing dams
  • Concrete structure integrity monitoring
  • Geotechnical settlement monitoring

Truly distributed measurement

Capable of continuously performing strain and temperature readings throughout its sensing cable, the fTB 2505 system does not leave any sensitive location of your structure unmonitored.

Every point of the sensor cable is measured

With the fTB 2505 system, any strain or temperature event larger than 0.5 m can be picked up with an accuracy of 2 με for strain and 0.1°C for temperature. The fTB 2505 scans up to 16 points per meter which helps to show strain and temperature gradients in great detail.

Superior result quality

Through the BOFDA technology, a powerful filter technique is used to eliminate noise in the data, enabling our system to consistently generate clear and reliable results.

Robust Integration

The BOFDA technology equips the fTB 2505 system with a superior dynamic range, which helps generate clear and sharp results even when the sensing cables are installed in harsh environments.

Lightweight & low energy requirement

Optimized because many components in the system are fully digitized, fTB 2505 is designed and made for the field, weighing merely 13 kg and consuming only 60 W of power.

fibrisTerre provides comprehensive solutions

Cooperating with our partners with vast experience in monitoring system integration, fibrisTerre offers solution packages that cover all aspects of a monitoring program, ranging from installation to data management. fibrisTerre tailors its monitoring solutions according to the specific needs of its clients.

Project planning and installation

fibrisTerre will find you the best monitoring solution, from selecting the most suitable fiber material to the most effective and efficient installation method. We work closely with our well experienced partners to smoothly integrate our monitoring systems into your structures.

Data interpretation and management

fibrisTerre helps you get most out of your data. With our specialized software, fTView, we interpret and display your valuable strain and temperature information in a clear and user-friendly way. fTView can also export data in any desired formats for user-specific database integration.


The reliability and integrity of our monitoring systems are also of our interest. We ensure the long term functionality of our systems through our after sales services.