About us

In 2010, a small team of electronics, fiber-optic, and software engineering specialists with extensive experience in structural health monitoring, joined forces to provide precise, reliable monitoring for energy infrastructure and geotechnical challenges.

As fibrisTerre Systems GmbH, they pioneered Brillouin Optical Frequency Analysis (BOFDA) based distributed fiber-optic sensing, a technology born from research at BAM, Germany’s authority for materials research and testing.

The fibrisTerre team is here to help you decide on the right fiber-optic sensing system for your project, comprising:

Industry-leading monitoring instrumentation and sensing systems
Proprietary and easy-to-use software
Comprehensive knowledge of fiber-optic sensing cables and integration techniques
Project management,
Data analysis.

We have a global network of partners that specializes in fiber-optic monitoring.

The company’s Head Office, R&D, and manufacturing are based in Berlin, Germany.
Our office is in Torellstrasse, a street named after Otto Martin Torell, the accomplished nineteenth-century Swedish geologist. We feel it’s appropriate.