fTB 5020

Fiber-optic sensing for distributed strain and temperature monitoring

Uninterrupted monitoring is essential to manage risks and maintenance of large structures. Where kilometers of concrete, steel, or soil require monitoring for early signs of failure, distributed fiber optic sensing is a powerful and highly efficient tool.

With industry-leading accuracy, fibrisTerre’s unique patented Brillouin Optical Frequency Domain Analysis and Reflectometry (BOFDA and BOFDR) technology answers the demand for reliable, continuous, and long-term monitoring of civil and transport infrastructure.

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Distributed strain and temperature system (DTSS, DSTS)

Key features:

Loop configuration (BOFDA)

  • Spatial resolution: < 0.2 m
  • Measurement length > 80 km
  • Repeatability: < 0.1°C, 2 μm/m
fibrisTerre 5020 interrogator

Single-ended configuration (BOFDR)

  • Spatial resolution: 1.5 m
  • Measurement length: > 25 km
  • Repeatability: < 1°C, 20 μm/m

Measurement and performance parameters such as distance range, spatial resolution, measurement accuracy and acquisition time are interdependent. For available length/resolution settings, see instrument options below, the product brochure and of course, you may contact us.

fTView: Control – Display – Analyze

The fTB 5020 is controlled by a remote or local PC or workstation via Ethernet. fTView, fibrisTerre’s powerful software, enables the configuration, operation, display, and management of measurements.

  • Easy measurement setup
  • Automatic long-term monitoring
  • Automatic data management and export
  • Unique, powerful signal engine
  • Full access to raw data for detailed analysis, e.g., bad connector identification
  • API available for remote access as well as SNMP and Modbus for interfacing with SCADA systems.


Standard performance configuration when shipping the fTB 5020:
  • Spatial resolution: 0.5 m -1 m -2 m -4 m -8 m -16 m
  • Distance range: 25 km (full loop measurement).

Instrument options

  • Long-range option: Full loop measurement up to 50 km fiber length
  • Ultra long-range option: Full loop measurement up to 80 km fiber length, spatial resolution 2.5 m
  • Enhanced resolution option: Spatial resolution enhancement to 20 cm (for fiber lengths up to 2 km)
  • Single-ended measurements with patented BOFDR technology
  • Remote instrument control API


  • Robust PELI case: Rugged transport case, custom-tailored for fTB 5020, with extra space for laptop PC and accessories.
  • Pre-configured laptop or industrial (rack-mount) PC
  • fT X: Rack-mount multiplexing switch enabling more measurement channels, eg: for geogrid application
  • Ethernet-controlled by fTView with automatic data integration.

Please contact fibrisTerre for details of ancillary equipment such as Uninterruptible power supplies, Cabinets, or Modems for remote communication.

fT X switch

These robust switches
  • Extend the number of sensor channels monitored by fTB 5020 instruments to a maximum of 32
  • Integrate seamlessly into any sensing setup with fibrisTerre instruments via the fTView interface
  • Perform equally as a stand-alone duplex switch with an Ethernet interface for non-fibrisTerre equipment
  • Are available with E2000 or FC connectors.
multiplex for fibrisTerre interrogators


fTScope is fibrisTerre’s cloud platform which offers easy access to all your fibrisTerre measurement systems and data, simply available through your browser.

Signing up for your fTScope account will enable you to:

  • Automatically upload all the data from your fibrisTerre measurement system (e.g. fTB 5020) into your secure fTScope space
  • Safely store your measurement data
  • Visualize and analyze your data, using fTScope’s powerful capabilities, which include: Strain and temperature measurement traces, raw data (Brillouin frequency shift, full Brillouin signal etc.)
  • Securely share your measurement data and access to your fibrisTerre measurement systems with other users of your choice
  • Download measurement data on your computer in multiple formats (e.g. CSV, binary, .msr)
  • Interface to SCADA systems or other cloud platforms
  • Operate your fibrisTerre measurement systems: Remote system configuration and diagnostics

fTScope also provides:

  • Customer support for fTScope and your fibrisTerre measurement systems
  • Software updates for your systems and related software tools

—> On-premise version is available on request. <—


To support our network of specialist partners and integrators, we offer the following Engineering Services at extra charge:

  • Consulting for sensor selection, layout, installation, system set-up
  • Commissioning
  • fiber-optic connectors assembly
  • User training
  • Support with data handling and analysis
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Other remote or on-site service activities requiring fibrisTerre personnel
  • Project management

Typical installation

  • Loop configuration can be used for temperature compensation
  • Fiber-optic switches for channel multiplexing
  • Data transfer to control room by Ethernet or wireless connection
  • Cloud-based data storage service