fTB 5020

Fiber-optic sensing system for distributed strain and temperature monitoring

Uninterrupted monitoring is essential to manage risks and maintenance of large structures. Where kilometers of concrete, steel or soil are to be monitored for the early signs of failure, distributed optical fiber sensors are a powerful and highly efficient tool.

With industry-leading accuracy, fibrisTerre’s unique digital BOFDA and BOFDR technology answers the demand for reliability in long-term monitoring of pipelines, power cables, railway lines and geotechnical infrastructure.

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Brillouin distributed sensing

Two light waves, injected into an optical fiber from both ends, meet and make the fiber shiver (literally), creating an acoustic wave inside the fiber. Influenced by this acoustic wave, the light that arrives at the instrument carries information on the fiber’s speed of sound – and, consequently, on its strain and temperature.

The fTB 5020 system converts industry standard optical fibers (the same used in everyday telecommunications) into continuous, long-range strain and temperature sensors. Application-specific fiber-optic sensing cables allow for reliable and versatile implementation into earth and rigid structures.

fTView: Control – Display – Analyze

The fTB 5020 is controlled by a remote or local PC or workstation via Ethernet. fTView, fibrisTerre’s powerful monitoring software, allows to configure, perform, display and manage measurements.

  • Easy measurement setup
  • Automatic long-term monitoring
  • Automatic data management and export
  • Unique, powerful signal engine
  • Full access to raw data for detailed analysis, bad connector identification etc.
  • API available for remote access as well as SNMP and Modbus interfaces.


Standard performance configuration
when shipping the fTB 5020:

  • Spatial resolution: 0.5 m – 1 m – 2 m – 4 m – 8 m – 16 m
  • Distance range: 25 km (full loop measurement)

Instrument options:

  • Long-range option: Full loop measurement up to 50 km fiber length, up to 1m spatial resolution
  • Enhanced resolution option: Spatial resolution enhancement to 20 cm (for fiber lengths up to 2 km)


  • Robust PELI case: Rugged transport case, custom-tailored for fTB 5020, with extra space for laptop PC and accessories.
  • Pre-configured laptop or industrial (rack-mount) PCs
  • fT-Xt: Rack-mount multiplexing switch for channel extension
  • Ethernet-controlled by fTView with full automatic data integration

Please contact fibrisTerre for other field-applicable equipment such as Uninterruptible power supplies, Cabinets, or Modems for remote communication.