fibrisTerre sensing in action- examples

Reduce risk. Speed up construction. Optimize operation.

Take a look at some examples of how civil and geotechnical engineers achieve their objectives.
The data from continuous fibrisTerre fiber-optic distributed sensing identifies, locates and measures strain and temperature events on long, large and complex structures.

Sprayed concrete lining applied to tunnel

Monitoring sprayed concrete lining deformation during tunnel and shaft construction

Tunnel and shaft lining deformation measured continuously during Semmering Base Tunnel excavation, construction and operation.

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Static pile loading tests compared data from conventional and fiber optic techniques

Static Pile Loading Tests - continuous strain measurement

Comparing measurements of a concrete driven pile load using conventional strain gauges and fiber optic distributed sensing.

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monitoring deformation and liquid levels in a sewer

Structural Health Monitoring - Milan’s Sewerage Network

Monitoring strain and temperature over long distances provides valuable information to aid sewer management

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Earth retaining wall monitored on large landfill site

Detecting ground movement and deformation of a large earth retaining structure (landfill)

Detecting ground movement and creep in a large earth retaining structure during and after construction

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Production well integrity monitoring

Integrity monitoring of a well bore, via the cemented production casing

Detecting deformation in borehole casing with fiber optic sensing

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Monitoring the effect of construction on nearby infrastructure

Structural testing and monitoring in Singapore's Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS)

Measuring deformation of prototype structures during construction of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS)

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Static Pile Loading Tests

Referenced pile foundation evaluation

  • Direct concrete embedding of fiber-optic strain sensing cables
  • Distributed strain measurements referenced to classic discrete extensiometers

Nöther, N. Krcmar, M.: “Industry challenges on resolution, linearity and optical budget of high-accuracy distributed Brillouin sensing”, International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction, Cambridge, 2016

Railway embankment monitoring

Settlement measurements in geotechnical unstable region

  • Fiber-optic strain and temperature sensing cables soil-embedded during restoration of embankment
  • Recurring measurements over 3 years

Großwig, W. “Application of distributed Brillouin optical fiber sensor systems in geo-technical monitoring”, 6th Asia Pacific Optical Sensors Conference, Shanghai, 10.-14.10.2016

Rail condition monitoring

Managing the clean energy transition.
Equipping future energy infrastructure with distributed fiber optic sensing provides continuous, long term monitoring. Detecting fatigue, optimizing performance during installation and operation.

Offshore Pile Monitoring

Static load tests on steel pile foundations

  • Metal tape fiber-optic sensing cable design welded to the inside of the steel pile
  • Subsequent strain measurements along a 90 m pile, up to 50 MN load