Structural Health Monitoring - Milan’s Sewerage Network

Monitoring strain and temperature over long distances provides valuable information to aid sewer management

Challenges to a sewer network include parasitic water ingress, liquid levels and debris build-up. To monitor these and provide structural integrity monitoring, fiber optic distributed sensing was installed, providing cost effective continuous measurement of strain and temperature along certain ducts.

How will you monitor water ingress and unexpected liquid level events in sewers over longer distances?

Let us help you decide how fiber optic distributed sensing will provide the data you need to reduce risk and optimize operation. Contact us and share your thoughts.

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Monitoring strain and temperature continuously in sewers with fiber optic telecommunications

  • Measures the deformation of rigid and semi-rigid objects in 2 and 3D
  • Indicates location of water ingress
  • Detects predicted and unforeseen risks during construction
  • Detects and reports unexpected changes in water levels

Read article (in Italian) “Monitoraggio con la fibra ottica per la rete fognaria di Milano” page 16 External link

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