Integrity monitoring of a well bore, via the cemented production casing

Continuous measurement of strain evolution before, during and after cementing in a borehole

On a 550 m brine production well, fiber optic sensing was deployed during the installation of the casing to monitor long-term strain evolution and temperature. The fiber optic sensing cables were successfully integrated into the cemented annulus, providing a reliable coupling to the structure. Absolute temperature and strain are shown after 11 months.

How will you monitor your next cased borehole project for deformation throughout its life?

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Detecting deformation in borehole casing with fiber optic sensing

  • Strain and temperature monitored continuously over 11 months
  • Monitor throughout the life of the well, even after operations cease
  • Detection of predicted and unforeseen risks during construction
  • Distributed fiber optic sensing measures and monitors where other techniques cannot.

Technical paper: Keynote: Enhanced integrity monitoring via distributed strain sensing along the cemented production casing of salt cavern wells
By N. Noether, M. Schlichtenmayer, C. Pretzschner and M. Facchini
Publisher: European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
Source: Conference Proceedings, EAGE GeoTech 2021 Second EAGE Workshop on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing, Mar 2021, Volume 2021, p.1 – 4
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