Static Pile Loading Tests - continuous strain measurement

Continuous measurements for pile load testing

Fiber optic sensing provides continuous, real-time measurements of elongation and compression. Measurements of a concrete driven pile load using conventional strain gauges and fiber optic distributed sensing were compared.

On a micropile, a strain sensing sensor was installed on the outside of the reinforcing cage in addition to those embedded.
The fiber optic system gave greater insight of the loading the pile, providing measurements all along the length, rather than using interpolated results.

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Continuous measurements for static pile load testing

  • Large bored pile equipped with fiber-optic strain sensing cables
  • Direct concrete embedding provides continuous mechanical strain transfer

Kindler, A., and Nycz, K., “Static Pile Loadings Using Fiber Optics High Spatial
Resolution Strain Measurements”, DFI SuperPile 2017 – Piling Design and Construction
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