Detecting ground movement and deformation of a large earth retaining structure (landfill)

Detecting and monitoring ground movement and structural deformation in a large earth retaining structure

An earth retaining structure was built following the re-positioning of a stream in a 20 ha landfill site. Fiber-optic sensing cable loops of 2.5 km were installed on geogrids inside the structure to monitor creep and ground movement during and after construction. Strain and temperature were measured with a strain measurement accuracy of 100 με. Measurements over five years showed where strain was occurring and when its evolution slowed down. The system also detected the unpredictable effect of widening an access road to facilitate larger vehicle access.

How will you monitor ground movement, creep and structural deformation risk in your project?

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Detecting ground movement and structural deformation with fiber optic sensing

  • Ground movement, creep and long term erosion monitored continuously over 5 years
  • Creep and deformation measured using sensors inside the structure
  • Detection of predicted and unforeseen risks during construction
  • Fiber optic measurements compliment geodetic total station ones.

Technical paper: Lienhart W, Buchmayer F, Klug F and Monsberger CM Distributed fibre-optic sensing applications at the Semmering Base Tunnel, Austria. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Smart Infrastructure and Construction External link

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