Fibre-optic nerves for structural health monitoring

Uninterrupted monitoring for stress and fatigue is essential to prevent failure of large structures. The fibrisTerre system uses the same standard optical fibers used in everyday telecommunications – connected to the readout unit, the fibers become highly sensitive nerves within soil and concrete.


Oil and Gas Pipelines

  • Anticipate failure – monitor pipeline deformation
  • Detect geohazards along pipelines and linear assets
  • Prevent downtimes – detect leakages early
  • Optimize production efficiency in exploration extraction boreholes Mining

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Detect settlements along railway lines, roads and embankments
  • Manage safety of critical traffic links
  • Tunnel construction and operation – detect subsidence, cracks and convergences


  • Optimize production efficiency
  • Monitor conveyor belts and linear asset conditions
  • Ensure tailings dams safety
  • Manage safety for shafting and tunneling

Civil Construction

  • Monitor bridges, dams, high-rise buildings
  • Measure deformations in concrete soles and diaphragm walls
  • Foundation piles: Bring load assessment to a new efficiency level
  • Detect cracks and fatigue along beams, containments, cooling towers

Power and Energy

  • Optimize transmission: Long-range power cable monitoring
  • Detect hot-spots along onshore and offshore cable installations
  • Measure washout, scouring, settlements along subsea cables
  • Monitor structural health of hydropower dams

Research and Development

  • Feel what’s happening inside the fiber – state-of-the art Brillouin sensing
  • Get the whole picture – to boost innovation in construction, electronics and photonics
  • Walk new paths in cable design with online strain measurements