EAGE Geoscience Technologies and Applications Conference

fibrisTerre is presenting “Distributed Brillouin Strain and Temperature Sensing in Underground Structures” at the
EAGE Workshop on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing, part of the Second EAGE Geoscience Technologies and Applications Conference, in London and online from 4-6 April 2022.
The conference will address “ the use of integrated geoscience solutions and technologies in a wide range of subsurface, reservoir and production challenges. EAGE GeoTech 2022 will bring together leading experts in geoscience, reservoir engineering, drilling and data science to tackle some of the major challenges facing the industry.”

“Workshop Overview:
Distributed fibre optic sensing technology has emerged as a powerful tool for continuous, high-temporal and spatial resolution mapping of the subsurface. The sensing technology is capable of high precision measurements of acoustic, strain and temperature energy distributions along the entire length of the optical fibre. This facilitates a cost-effective large-scale monitoring capability for a wide variety of novel subsurface applications over a single optical fibre installation. “ 

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