Taking the temperature of HV and EHV power cables for continuous condition monitoring.

New! DTS with 80 km distance range

At fibrisTerre we strive to design and manufacture reliable and accurate distributed fiber optic interrogators and accessories that the markets we serve require.
Our R&D team works tirelessly to develop hardware and software which our customers can rely on and which make their life easier.

The latest development is the extension of the distance range to 80 km.

As a Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS), this product is ideal for continuously monitoring temperature events all along a power or export cable. Additionally, the Distributed Strain Sensor (DSS) capability provides accurate information about any critical mechanical stress occurring on the asset during installation and operation. HV, EHV, AC, and DC onshore and subsea transmission cables can be monitored, with temperature and strain data providing condition monitoring and enabling performance optimization.

Where a single-mode optical fiber is available, array cables medium voltage and distribution network cables can also be monitored.

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