Structural testing and monitoring in Singapore's Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS)

Monitoring the structural integrity of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS)

Singapore DTSS project will deliver 40 km of deep tunnels and 60 km of link sewers by 2025 in Western Singapore. Prototypes of the new structures and a Tunnel Integrity Monitoring System (TIMS) Network are under development as the tunnel boring machines do their work.
More than 100 km of fiber-optic sensors will be embedded in the tunnel walls, monitoring structural health during and for decades after construction. The precision of the fibrisTerre system’s measurement enables 3D shape sensing.

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How will you monitor the effects of construction and seismic activity on nearby underground structures in your project?

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Monitor structural health and deformation. Perform shape sensing using measured data

  • Network of more than 100 km of fiber-optic sensors embedded in the tunnel walls, monitoring the tunnel’s structural health
  • Cable installation design provides 3D shape information
  • Deformation measured using sensors inside the structure
  • Detection of predicted and unforeseen risks during construction
  • Fiber optic measurements provide measurements from prototype to inform construction decisions

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